Reviews of Irish Small Business Websites

We are putting together this collection of local Irish Business Websites that we have reviewed.  Each one we have looked at to see and share our experience on what is good and bad about the Design – Seo – User experience – etc

What we will be doing is posting up comments on a weekly basis explaining what we really feel about real small business websites.

If you would like us to review your website then please simply email us with your website and contact details and confirmation that you are the website owner, we will then put it into our list of websites to review.

website reviews

Why not review some of theses websites:

let us know what you think.

The Small Business Service is the Department of Trade and Industry’s expert policy unit on small business issues throughout Government.

The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) has lead responsibility for small business and enterprise policy.  DTI’s Small Business Service works across Whitehall, the Regional Development Agencies and key delivery partners to ensure that Government – national, regional and local – understands and responds to the needs of small businesses’ and entrepreneurs.  The Government’s aim is to make the UK the best place in the world to start and grow a business.

DTI’s Small Business Service retains specialist expertise in policies to both strengthen the enterprise environment for small businesses and to enable more people and communities to pursue entrepreneurial opportunities.  The Small Business Service’s policy work is supported by a strong research, statistics, and analytical function, and it maintains international links, especially with other EU member states and with the United States.

Sources of Finance for Small Businesses

The UK’s financial markets are amongst the most dynamic and flexible in the world, meeting the needs of most small businesses. However, some small businesses – particularly start-ups and those lacking a track record or without collateral – can struggle to access finance. Small businesses with high growth potential may also have difficulty raising relatively modest amounts of risk capital needed to fund their ambitions for growth. The Government is working to understand and remove the barriers that can prevent finance being raised to fund viable business propositions.

The best place for small businesses to find out what grants are available for a specific business is through the Business Link website’s finance and grants pages.

Grant for Research and Development

Grant for Research and Development is the DTI initiative that provides grants to help individuals and small and medium-sized businesses SEO to research and develop technologically innovative products and processes. This initiative replaced the Smart scheme which formally closed to applications on 31 August 2003.

Grant for R&D

Details of grants, funds and loan guarantee schemes with which the SBS is involved are detailed below.

Community Investment Tax Relief

For individuals and corporate bodies investing in accredited Community Development Finance Institutions (CDFIs).

Community Investment Tax Relief