Some Tips On How To Be A Success


Dust Off Your Email Marketing Skills

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In spite of the fact that it has been around longer than social networking and many other forms of digital marketing, studies show that email marketing is still one of the more effective methods of engaging your customers. I would suggest parting with some information or content in exchange for getting the email addresses of potential customers. Continue Reading

Hire People Smarter Than You

 TomoTherapy’s Rock Mackie advises that you hire people who are smarter and better than you. Then they’ll hire people who are smarter and better than they are. That’s how you build a world-class company. Continue Reading

Haggle Your Overhead

 Overhead greatly influences the bottom line, and now is a great time to look for alternatives. In a depressed real estate market, for example, rents become negotiable. If you’re an owner, consider a real estate tax appeal on depressed values. It’s also a buyer’s market in many areas where monopolies used to exist. Translation: You can negotiate better prices on telephone costs, Internet services and credit card terms. Where else can you shave your overhead by haggling? Insurance policies and outside payroll providers, to name a couple of easy targets. Continue Reading

It’s Your Name on the Dotted Line

Do you know everything about your business? Don’t be one of those entrepreneurs who signs engagement letters with service providers, retail and corporate leases, tax audits, and vendor contracts without being able to fully and correctly explain all of the contracts’ contents. If you don’t, it’s your personal butt — and bucks — on the line.Continue Reading

Blog Consistently

Not only does blogging increase the chances that one of the topics you are discussing will get stumbled upon by potential customers, but it changes your website from a billboard to a news channel. Blog consistently for best results. Search engines reward sites with fresh content. Continue Reading

Don’t Hire Friends and Family

 It’s awkward when friends and family hear that you’re hiring and ask for a job. The problem is, once you’re an authority figure, it may be difficult for that person to take orders from you or adjust his communication and interaction style to fit your new professional relationship. When it comes to friends and family, it may be easier to simply say upfront: ‘Sorry, but I don’t want to ruin our [friendship, relationship, sex life, etc.].’ Continue Reading

Think Like a Pufferfish

 Appear big even if you’re just a two-person operation when seeking investors, suppliers and clients. With a few props and a little creativity, Mike Domek made TicketsNow look larger than it was when he started the company in his one-bedroom apartment. He eventually sold to Ticketmaster for $282 million. Viresh Bhatia of InstallShield took out a full-page, four-color ad next to those of Microsoft and Lotus when he was working out of a 10×10 room with a friend. Continue Reading

It’s All About the Rule of 3

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 Everything is going to take three times longer than it should to complete (whether it’s legal contracts, getting revenue or launching your website), will cost three times what you have budgeted, and will be three times more difficult to execute than you expect. Even if you think you’re being conservative or realistic, you’re probably underestimating the time, money and effort required to make your business a success. Continue Reading

Practical Trumps Sexy

 Find a meaningful problem for your customer, and then solve it. Almost every successful entrepreneur made a fortune on a simple idea. Dane Miller, founder of Biomet, started by selling arm slings. Building on that success, his company now produces highly engineered products such as artificial hips and knees. Continue Reading

Use a PR Road Map

A public relations proposal is a road map of activities that an agency will engage in on your behalf. It should contain, at a minimum, an objective, a strategy and tactics. ‘Winging it’ — not having a defined plan — doesn’t work. A cohesive, well-thought out proposal allows you and the PR firm to agree upon which of the tactics to address and in what order of priority, track the plan’s progress, and maximize the dollars that you’re investing for the service. If your agency refuses to provide a detailed proposal, consider working with another agency. Continue Reading

All Study, No Startup?

 You won’t learn to shoot a basketball by reading books. Profound, isn’t it? Yet, when it comes to starting a business, people will often read, study and think themselves into oblivion without ever trying to actually start one. The best way to learn to shoot a basketball is to pick up the ball and start shooting. After that, the books and the coaches make far more sense. Business is no different — it takes practice, and what you read and study will have a much different impact after you’re already playing the game. Continue Reading

Bring a Cheat Sheet

 If you’re doing a radio or phone interview, it’s acceptable, and even advisable, to bring a ‘cheat sheet’ with you. The document should contain key points you would like to make during the interview. Having the sheet in front of you will act as a gentle reminder to make sure you address those important facts. Continue Reading

Make Your Point

During an interview, if a reporter doesn’t ask a question that you would like to address, it’s all right to say, ‘I would like to make a point …’ and then go into the point. Reporters will appreciate the effort, and the information can significantly add to the story. Continue Reading

Engage Customers Through Social Media

Most people don’t go to the shopping mall alone, so it makes sense that social commerce is the next big thing. Of a Kind is a limited edition apparel store that brings retail and editorial together by fusing an online store into a Tumblr blog. Shoppers can reblog, comment and “like” the garments and accessories they think are cool. It’s great marketing and it makes shopping more interactive and fun. Continue Reading

A Great Place to Connect

 Seminars are not only a great place to learn more about your profession — they’re also a great place to connect with others in your field. You can find potential vendors, business alliances and new business opportunities. So while you’re taking notes, be sure to pass out your business cards while getting a few for your rolodex. Continue Reading